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Certified Massage Therapist

Pain Relief Research & Movement Practitioner 

Pain calls to us for our attention. If we do not answer or acknowledge it, it grows. It only becomes more painful and harmful the longer we ignore, suppress or deny it. Even in our greatest efforts to avoid pain, it is a part of being in the body. And when ignored it becomes repetitive, habitual and normalized. I feel I have spent most of my life deciphering pain and spend most of my time dreaming about ways we can relieve it through care. 


Cypher Methodology is an approach and practice to pain and how we relate to it. The method is to support people in developing their own vocabulary as a tool to be in dialogue with the pain they experience. I feel it is important to remember that all pain is body. Emotional, cerebral, spiritual, existential is body. We live in a body, if pain starts speaking, it’s speaking to and through a body. As long as that is our vessel, I believe the pain we experience can be approached through bodywork. We cannot vanquish pain entirely, however we can provide experiences of relief. 


We give attention and voice to the pains we experience in order to provide the appropriate pain relief. The goal is for you to develop a language that you feel seen and heard in, in relationship to your pain. This approach requires the practitioner to support you in deciphering and decoding the sensations you are experiencing. Listening qualities and a non-assuming approach to care is essential. 


About Cypher

Cypher is a trans non-binary certified massage therapist and movement practitioner. Trained in classical ballet, they finished their studies at the Bejart Ballet School when they started as a professional company dancer at the The Baltic Dance Theater. Their research is inspired and informed by their interest and passion for neuroplasticity, embryology, pain and anatomy. All themes they studied with practices such as Body-Mind Centering, Butoh, Continuum and massage. As a community organiser, they are a founding member of Berlin Collective Action e.V, a redistribution initiative created to support marginalised communities in Berlin most impacted by the violence of gentrification. They have also built multiple platforms for queers and SWers in Berlin with SW Action Group, FAU SW-S (workers union) and the former Radiant Love. Cypher offers a sliding scale for QTBIPOC, SWers and people with disabilities.

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Services & Offers

Please inform me of any allergies or accessibility needs when making your request. All inquiries and requests should be sent via email. Offering sliding scale to QTBIPOC, SWers and people with disabilities. Please reach out if you would like to book a session and do not have the available funds.

Solidarity, flow and wellness, Cypher.

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Wellness Massage

with warm oil

60 minutes.... 80€

90 minutes.... 110€

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 10.42.51.png

Hot Stone Massage

with warm oil

90 minutes.... 140€

120 minutes.... 180€

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 10.42.51.png

Lymph Drainage

with hot stones

90 minutes.... 120€

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 10.43.00.png

Sliding scales n°1

Wellness Massage

60 minutes.... 50 - 80€

90 minutes.... 80 - 110€

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 10.43.00.png

Sliding Scales n°2

Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes.... 100 - 140€

120 minutes.. 140 - 180€

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 10.43.00.png

Sliding Scales n°3

Lymph Drainage

90 min.... 70 - 120€

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Companies & Events


* see notes on the side for details.

* For companies, events or festivals that would like to provide a bodyworker on-site/on set or at the office. From long durational sitting hours to demanding physical activity, work can be stressful on our bodies. This offer of Cypher Methodology can be a great opportunity to provide some care to your staff, influencing the overall flow and energy in the work environment.


i.e. When employing models, film crews, dancers, actors, singers, chefs, office workers, festival technicians to name a few.


Table, oils and hot stones are included. Access to water and towels must be organized on location. 


Hours vary based on request, can work up to 7 hours a day.


All photos by @ras.elihu

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